Is There Anything You Can Do To Treat Nerve Pain?

Neuropathic pain can occur in just about any part of your body at any time. It's usually a response to injury, infection, or a chronic condition like arthritis or a slipped disc in your back.  Neuropathic pain is so common that at least one government study indicates that between 8.8% and 12.4% of the adult population in this country suffers from some form of it. That makes it increasingly important for people to understand what they can do to minimize their discomfort and treat their pain. Read More 

What To Do If You’ve Smashed Your Hand With A Hammer

Working with a hammer can be dangerous even for the most seasoned construction professionals, so it's no wonder that homeowners often get hurt by one. If you were working with a hammer and accidentally hit a finger or your hand, you need to seek medical support. Here's why and what you should do. Underlying Damage Hammers are extremely strong and can easily damage bones if they hit in just the right way. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Medicare’s Rules For Non-Emergency Ambulance Transport For Dialysis

While Medicare is most often associated with covering medical care for seniors, they have a special rule that allows coverage for people who have end-stage renal disease and require dialysis. This coverage does not depend on age. Some people who need dialysis have difficulty attending all of their scheduled appointments due to transportation issues. This can quickly lead to major health problems, as dialysis is necessary to replace the work of the kidneys. Read More 

3 Useful Tips When Searching For A Podiatrist For Ankle Pain

Ankle problems are pretty common, but they can impede your movement a lot. If nothing seems to be working in terms of finding relief, it may be time to see a licensed podiatrist. Choosing this foot specialist will be easy when you keep these tips in mind. Gather Referrals If you've never worked with a podiatrist before, you may not know where to start. Instead of just guessing, you should see what your friends and family think. Read More 

Treatments For Severe Knee Osteoarthritis

If you have osteoarthritis in your knee, there may be a point when simple treatments, such as physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medicines, to alleviate pain and reduce limitations are no longer effective. Once pain and any physical limitations become severe, there are other treatments that might provide relief. Injections Two types of injections might be used for arthritic pain. Steroid injections are the most common because they can provide a temporary reduction in pain and swelling. Read More