Appreciating The Benefits That Come With Vestibular Rehabilitation

When you suffer from frequent bouts of vertigo, you may find it challenging to live a normal and productive life. You might struggle with simple tasks like walking across the room or climbing a set of stairs. You may also be unable to drive because of how dizzy and weak you feel.

However, you may overcome these symptoms by undergoing treatment for them. You may benefit from the help physical therapists can provide to you through vestibular rehabilitation.

Decreasing Your Risk of Falling

Severe vertigo can put you at risk of falling down and getting hurt. You might be unable to walk across the floor at work or in your own home without stumbling to the floor because of how dizzy you feel.

These frequent falls can result in you suffering bruises, sprains, and possibly even fractures for which you would need further medical treatment. However, when you undergo vestibular rehabilitation, you might learn to function without feeling dizzy and falling down. You may be able to resume much or all of your normal daily life without finding yourself at risk of getting hurt because of frequent falls.

Improving Your Balance

Your vestibular rehabilitation may also help you improve your balance. Right now, you might struggle to walk across the floor without having to hang onto the wall or furniture to steady yourself. You also may need someone to help you walk because of how unbalanced you feel when you stand up. 

The therapists that work with you in vestibular rehabilitation will help you regain your steadiness on your feet. You may soon be able to stand up, walk, climb stairs and handle other daily routines without having to hang onto something or someone for balance.

Steadying Your Vision

Finally, the work you put in during your vestibular rehabilitation may help you steady your gaze. When you suffer bouts of dizziness, you might feel like your eyes are spinning. You may find it difficult to concentrate on a single object because of how dizzy you feel.

However, your therapists will work with you and teach you to steady your gaze. You may soon be able to resume tasks like driving or working on your computer without feeling like your eyes are darting every which way because of dizzy spells.

Vestibular rehabilitation can benefit you when you suffer from frequent bouts of vertigo. You may learn how to walk and steady yourself without falling or hanging onto something or someone. You may also improve your vision to focus on a single object when you feel dizzy.