How Doctors Use Telehealth to Deliver Timely Treatment for Mental Health Disorders

Patients struggling with mental health disabilities are often underserved in the traditional healthcare system. This means that they have more trouble finding a doctor, accessing treatment, and purchasing much-needed medications. Telehealth and Telemedicine provide innovative healthcare delivery opportunities for those with mental health disorders. From PTSD in veterans to depression in college students, doctors are using technology to access more patients and deliver timely treatment.  Video conferencing, interactive mobile apps, and customized treatment plans make mental health conditions easier to diagnose and manage early on. Read More 

Supportive Care And Its Importance For Cancer Patients

In most cases, cancer is treated with some combination of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. These days, some cancer is treated with immunotherapy. The purpose of these treatments is to get rid of the cancer cells. However, most patients who are diagnosed with cancer can also benefit from an additional type of treatment called support treatment or supportive treatment. Here's a closer look at what supportive cancer treatment is and how it helps patients. Read More