Minor Car Accident? Go To Urgent Care

After a car accident, it is normal to feel relieved when you find that you are more or less okay. If you didn't hit your head and you don't have any other obviously serious injuries, then you likely don't need to go to the emergency room. However, you should stop by a local urgent care center. It won't take that long as urgent care centers are known for their prompt services. Here's why the visit is so important.

You might have injuries that are not immediately apparent.

After a car accident, a large amount of adrenaline pumps through your veins. This hormone is meant to keep you energized and alert. It can have the side effect of masking pain and other symptoms of injuries. While it's unlikely you have a major injury with no symptoms, it is possible. What's more likely is that something that only feels like a bump or a bruise right now is actually more serious. The staff at the urgent care center can look you over for signs of an injury so you're not just relying on your feelings — influenced by adrenaline — to tell you whether you're okay.

Your car insurance may require it.

If you later decide to seek treatment for any injuries, your car insurance may not be willing to pay if you did not see a practitioner immediately after the crash. If there is too much time between the accident and when you seek care, the insurance company might argue that your injuries were caused by something other than the crash. Going to urgent care right away means they won't be able to make this argument; it will be easier to get any care you need to be covered.

You can get treatment for minor injuries.

Even if you're mostly okay, you might have a stiff neck, some scrapes, or a bruise. While these injuries might be fine without any medical care, you can still benefit from basic treatments like pain relievers and perhaps a muscle relaxer. If you go to urgent care, they can treat these minor ailments for you so you feel better faster.

Waiting in the emergency room after a car crash can be really irritated, especially if you don't have any serious injuries. Visiting the urgent care center is a good alternative. You'll get to enjoy the benefits above, and without the long wait you experience at the hospital emergency room.

For more information, contact an urgent care near you.