Tips To Help You Avoid Catching The Flu At The Doctor’s Office

This year's flu season is here – so each time you need to see your doctor, you weigh the odds of catching the flu while you're in the office. If you have a doctor's appointment coming up with your primary care physician, or have been putting off going because you don't want to be exposed to all of the flu germs floating around the space, stop and read the tips below. You'll find some advice that can help you get in and out of the doctor's office without coming home with the flu.

Get Your Rest

Your immune system relies on you to get rest the way you rely on your immune system to prevent illnesses. If you're going to the doctor's office run-down and on minimal sleep, you will be more prone to catching something while you're there.

If sleeping is an issue, try using some sleep-inducing medications or natural supplements to help you sleep during the few nights leading up to the appointment. Not only will it help to boost your immune system, but it will help you feel much better – no matter what is ailing you.


Hydration is another key to a healthy immune system. If you're not good at remembering to drink the water that your body needs each day, get one large water bottle and fill it with the day's required ounces – this way, you'll be able to see just how much water you have drunk through the day and how much you need to get down before bedtime.

Boost the Immune System

There are supplements and pills that will help to boost your immune system. Products like Emergen-C provide your body with a boost of good vitamins and nutrients that help to increase the functionality of the immune system.

Sanitize Your Hands

There will be hand sanitizer at the doctor's office – use it! Everywhere that they place a dispenser is an area in which lots of people enter and exit – so these are the places in which the germs will be a greater risk. Using the sanitizer each time you touch a doorknob, the arm of a chair, or a handrail will decrease the odds of you catching anything while you're at your appointment.

Talk with your doctor to learn more about what you can do to keep yourself healthy while you're at your next doctor's appointment. He or she will have more tips and information that can help you avoid the flu and the other places you go.