Women’s Health: 2 Things You May Not Know

 For women, health aging is vital. In order to age healthy, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some good habits that you need to follow include eating healthy, being active, staying on top of recommended screenings, and managing any health conditions that you may have. There are a couple of things that you may not realize when it comes to women's health.  

1. You Can Breathe Away Your Fat

When you are exercising, you need to make sure that you are focusing on your breathing. Yes, it can be difficult because you are doing some heavy cardio that has you feeling like you are fixing to fall flat on your face. However, the more efficiently that you're able to breathe, the better results you will achieve from your workout.

When you lose weight, a large part of it is breathed out of your body as carbon dioxide. According to one study, a person that weighs roughly 154 pounds will release about 200 ml of carbon dioxide every minute with 12 breaths. The amount that you release can be increased by 20 percent by moderately exercising for one hour instead of resting. Of course, you must maintain a healthy diet during the duration of this. Otherwise, the exercise was for no reason.

Though you may be breathing away fat throughout the day and as you sleep, it is no excuse not to eat healthy and exercise as much as possible.

2. You Should Live by the Sodium-to-Calorie Ratio

It is possible to consume too much salt on a daily basis. When you eat too much salt, or sodium, it can result in a higher blood pressure. With a higher blood pressure, there is additional strain on your arteries, heart, brain and kidneys. Unfortunately, this puts you at greater risk for a heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and even dementia.

Therefore, it is imperative that you begin living by the sodium-to-calorie ratio rule. The good news is that it is very simple. All you need to do is look at the amount of calories and sodium in a particular food before you purchase it. If the ratio is 1.0 or below, then the food is acceptable. However, if it is 2.0 or higher, then the food is unacceptable because it is high in salt. For example, if the product has 100 calories per serving, then the sodium cannot be anymore than 100mg of sodium per serving.

As you age, your health needs will change. However, the basics will continue to be the same – healthy eating, active living, etc. To ensure that you continue to improve your quality of life, make sure that you are consistently checking in with your physician for any changes that need to be made to your health regimen. Contact a clinic, like Johnson  City Ob-Gyn , for more help.