Three Health Conditions That Can Worsen Your Bunion Pain

While there are plenty of people who have bunions, not everyone feels bothered by this foot condition that results in a significant-sized lump on the joint of each of your big toes. If you currently have bunions, you'll want to visit a podiatrist to get some suggestions for managing this condition. Surgery may eventually be your only course of action, but if your pain isn't significant, you can often manage your bunions through a variety of simple methods — especially if they aren't causing you pain. For some people, bunions can be extremely uncomfortable, and this can often be because of other health conditions. Here are three health conditions that can worsen your bunion pain.


If you already suffer from arthritis, developing bunions is bad news. Arthritis attacks your joints, which means that you'll typically experience a considerable degree of joint pain in the joints throughout your body. Many arthritis sufferers have sore feet because the joints of their toes are swollen and inflamed. It makes sense, therefore, that the swelling and inflammation that occurs when you develop bunions will only worsen your discomfort. Having arthritis and bunions can thus precipitate your need to get surgery.

Excessive Weight

Being overweight or obese is linked to a multitude of health conditions, and while you might not immediately relate your body weight to your bunions, there's a close connection between these two things. The more you weigh, the more mass is pressing down on your bunions — and this means that for toe joints that are already swollen and sore, heavier people will almost certainly experience more concerning instances of pain. Being overweight and having bunions can lead you to get surgery, but the good news is that you may be able to reduce some of your discomfort by losing some of your weight.

Plantar Fasciitis

Patients who suffer from plantar fasciitis know the discomfort in their heels and the arches of their feet, which can often be intense enough to discourage them from spending too much time walking or standing. When you have bunions in addition to your plantar fasciitis, your entire foot will be sore. People who have bunions will sometimes shift their weight toward their heels to alleviate pressure on the joints of their big toes, but if your heels are already sore because of your plantar fasciitis, this shift won't provide any relief. As such, you'll likely want to consider surgery to reduce your pain.

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