Anxious About Puberty Discussions? Schedule A Meeting With The Pediatrician

Many parents aren't thrilled with the idea of discussing puberty-related topics with their child as he or she reaches that age, but doing so is a duty that you should aim to perform. However, if you truly feel challenged to have this sort of important discussion with your child, you shouldn't just ignore what is happening. Instead, recruit help from an expert source — your child's pediatrician. He or she can speak to your child to go over a series of critical topics, as well as answer any questions that your child may have. Here are some areas that this conversation will likely cover.

Body Changes

One of the biggest issues that your child will face as he or she enters puberty is changes to his or her body. Although some children may have a basic understanding of what is going on, this won't always be the case. A pediatrician can be a valuable ally in this situation by outlining some of the physical changes that your teen will soon notice and also answering questions about any changes that have already taken place. The doctor can commonly provide your child with some brochures to take home that will further illustrate these physical changes.

New Feelings

Children who go through puberty will often notice different feelings — and some of these may not be topics that you wish to broach with your adolescent. A common change is that your child will begin to have sexual feelings about other children his or her age. The pediatrician will talk to your loved one and reassure him or her that such feelings are normal. Other feelings can occur during puberty, including feelings of fatigue. If your child complains about being tired, the pediatrician can run some tests and perhaps provide a supplement such as iron, if necessary.

Embarrassing Issues

Puberty comes with plenty of potential for embarrassment, and these issues can be worse if you haven't talked to your child about them. It's easy for a child to feel as though he or she has done something wrong in some cases, whether it's a young girl beginning to menstruate or a young boy having a wet dream. The pediatrician will cover many of these topics, whether they have occurred yet or not, and help your teen to understand that they're perfectly normal and nothing about which to be ashamed. As such, this doctor will be a valuable ally at this time in your child's life.

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