4 Fun Ways To Improve Your Heart And Overall Health

If you have been told that your heart is not in the best shape, there are lots of things that you can do outside of taking medication to improve your overall health as well as your heart health at the same time.

Start Dancing

Exercising is a great way to take care of your heart. Dancing is a really easy way to get in a quick workout. You can turn on your favorite radio station, and dance to three or four songs, and get in a nice little aerobic exercise. Dancing, even for just a portion of an hour, can work out your heart and lungs while burning some calories at the same time.

You don't have to hit the dance floor or the gym in order to get in some aerobic exercise. A dance party in your house can give your heart a great workout.

Enjoy Sex with Your Partner

If you are in a committed relationship, make a commitment to engage in additional sexual activity. Sex has a lot of great benefits for your overall health. It bonds you with your partner and allows your body to release positive endorphins. Sex can also decrease your blood pressure and your risk of experience heart disease. Engaging in frequent sex with your partner can help improve your overall heart health.

Use Your Hands

Using your hands can help you relieve stress, and stress is a big contributor to heart disease. There are lots of productive hobbies where you can use your hands and decrease stress. Repetitive activities, such as crocheting, knitting, and sewing can help you relieve stress. Other engaging activities that are not as repetitive, such as cooking or woodwork are also ways to use your hands, engage your body, and relieve your stress while protecting your heart.

Enjoy Some Laughs

Adding laughs to your life can help your heart. Every time you laugh, you decrease stress hormones in your body. You can also increase your levels of high-density lipoprotein as well as decrease inflammation as well. Laughing is really good for your spirit and your heart.

There are lots of ways to add more laughter to your life. You can watch funny movies, television shows and clips on television. You can read jokes and lighthearted stories.  You can hang out with your friends and make jokes. Adding laughs to your day will improve your mood and your heart.

Taking care of your heart is about taking care of your body. Have a dance party in the kitchen, enjoy sex with your partner, get in lots of laughs each day and find a relaxing hobby that decreases your stress levels. Many aspects that can make your life happy and fulfilling can also improve the overall health of your heart. Contact a medical professional, such as at Temecula Valley Cardiology, for more help.