Tips For Maximizing Your Doctor’s Appointment Experience

If you often leave your doctor's office feeling like you were rushed or feeling mad that you forgot to ask important questions, then these tips will help you get the most out of your future medical appointments:

Tip: Schedule the Right Type of Appointment

When you call your doctor's office to schedule an appointment, it is very important you correctly relay the reason you want to see the doctor to the person booking the appointment; this is very important because many physicians book different lengths of appointments for various different ailments. For example, patients seeking help with depression or anxiety for the first time need an appointment that is longer in duration than those with a simple medical issue such as a cold or urinary tract infection. It is important to book the correct type of appointment to ensure you and your doctor have enough time to thoroughly discuss your care.

Tip: Write Down the Questions You Want to Ask Your Doctor

Since your time with your doctor is limited and being nervous makes it easy to forget to ask important questions, take the time before your appointment to write down all of the questions you want to ask. Bring the list of questions to your appointment and refer to them before leaving to make sure you covered each one with your doctor; this simple thing will prevent the need for frustrating follow-up calls and additional waits for returned calls.

Tip: Consider Asking a Friend or Family Member to go With You to Your Appointment

If you have a hard time remembering the instructions your doctor gives you, then you should consider having a friend or family member attend your appointments with you. They can listen to the doctor with you and then the two of you can discuss anything you may no remember from the appointment. If you do not have anyone who can go with you, then ask your doctor if you can record your appointment on your cell phone.

Tip: Advocate for Yourself and Your Health

Finally, one of the best ways to get the most from your medical appointments is to learn how to become your best advocate. You should empower yourself with knowledge about your symptoms or disease, and work with your doctor to find the best care plan for your individual needs. While you never want to be pushy, you are paying for your healthcare and deserve to get the care you pay for.

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