Cryotherapy: Medical Procedure Or Fad?

First and foremost, cryotherapy works. It has proven itself in health care clinics across Asia, where it was developed, and then across most of Europe. Cryotherapy is now in the U.S., and offered via salons and spas. It is slowly receiving enough recognition for its benefits by the medical community that some doctors are bringing the walk-in cryo-chambers into their offices. If you still cannot decide if cryotherapy is a valid medical procedure or treatment, or some passing fad, read the following.

It Is NOT FDA-Approved, but Millions Cannot Be Wrong

Although cryotherapy is still not FDA-approved, millions of people have reported substantial relief from aches, pains, and disorders. Those millions of people cannot be wrong. You should also keep in mind that many treatments were once dismissed by the FDA and are now approved for use. Sometimes it just takes time and substantial evidence provided by the masses for the government to approve something.

Other Cryo Procedures ARE Approved

Stop and consider the number of cryo treatments that are approved by the government. Warts that will not go away are frozen off. Leprosy and severe psoriasis scales are chilled and removed. None of these issues return after they are frozen. The pain these patients experienced with their conditions prior to treatment and the lack of pain months after treatment speaks to the effectiveness of freezing away these medical conditions.


Risks are really minimal. The cryotherapy chambers leave your head above the chamber, allowing you to feel a little warmer than down below your neck. Because you are not fully encased in the chamber or locked into it, you will not suffer freeze burns. Additionally, the cryo part of the therapy session actually creates a fog of cold around your body that is evaporating just as quickly as it enters the chamber. You will exit feeling as though you ran outside naked and rolled in the snow for thirty seconds, but that is it.

The only people who really are at risk are those with poor circulation systems. If your blood cannot circulate properly through your limbs, you should avoid cryotherapy. As with any treatment for any health problem, most of the supposed risks are the same as taking OTC or prescription medicine. However, the side effects of cryotherapy wear off faster than if you popped a pill to address pain. Find a spa or salon and try a cryotherapy session today.